Jorge Encinas



Reporter Jorge Encinas was born and raised in Tucson. He graduated from the University of Arizona with master's in journalism in 2016.

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Carole DeRivera, left, Doug Moore, Jim Woodward, Rhonda Woods and John Titre stand along the new concrete walkway on Proctor Trail. The recons…

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The new concrete surface also has a lookout and turnaround point near the creek next to Proctor Trail in Madera Canyon. The turnaround point i…

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Past the 700 feet of new concrete surface lies the original asphalt surface at Proctor Trial in Madera Canyon. While the asphalt is in better …

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About 700 feet of concrete surface has replaced deteriorated asphalt on the Proctor Trail from the parking lot to Proctor Road. The new surfac…

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Stuart Tobin, 85, will be reading from the Torah at Beth Shalom Temple Center on Nov. 16, as part of a second bar mitzvah celebration.

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Quail Creek resident Bill Harrington and Daisy Mae play fetch at Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park on a Tuesday morning.

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