Jorge Encinas



Reporter Jorge Encinas was born and raised in Tucson. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a master's in journalism in 2016.

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The Town of Sahuarita is readying to terminate wastewater service for 200 customers on May 3, unless they pay off or arrange payment plans for…

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The Sahuarita Library has a list of names suggested by residents, including Booky McBookFace.

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Shelby Peters caught a video of a truck fire. The driver can be seen exiting as the truck is on fire.

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Shelby Peters caught Green Valley Fire District crews putting a truck fire out on Nogales Highway and South Abrego Drive.

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John and Jennifer Whetstone with their son TJ and daughters Ashlynn Battoe and Stephanie Thomas.

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John Whetstone at Cornerstone Specialty Hospital with his ventilator to the left and all the other machines used during his 105-day hospitaliz…

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