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Jorge Encinas

Assistant Editor


<p>Assistant Editor Jorge Encinas graduated from the University of Arizona with bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism. He returned to the Green Valley News after two years as the editor of the Capital Journal in Pierre, South Dakota.</p>

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Bob Bonville Jr. looks over some of his father's photos and a story on him in a past Coast Guard magazine.

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Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Greg Hess noted the lines on this person's bone were caused by animals. He said DNA test can help match remains to …

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Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Greg Hess pointed out a distinctive belt buckle that could help a family make a positive ID on remains held in the …

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Dental work in the front of a person's mouth can be used to help families make a positive ID on remains the Pima County Office of the Medical …

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Pima County uses any available means to identify UBC remains it receives from throughout Southern Arizona, including possessions recovered on …

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Pima County extracts DNA from remains, which helps it to keep track of parts that might be from the same person but recovered at a different t…

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Pima County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Greg Hess stands in a trailer holding boxes of unidentified skeletal remains belonging to suspected Und…

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