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History of The Green Valley News

Founded: 1964

Celebrating more than 43 years as Green Valley’s community newspaper, the Green Valley News & Sun is a story about a community coming to life, taking action, being involved and committed to staying informed. We have provided that service to our readers, always striving to change and grow with our community.

Green Valley News published its first edition on January 16th, 1964 under the banner, “Tucson Green Valley News”, and sold for 10 cents an issue. The paper pledged to “promote the interests of the community and to help make it the finest and happiest of it’s kind in the world”. It was June 20th, 1964, that Green Valley became official with the opening of the post office, in this budding community. In 1978, the Green Valley News is sold to Milton I. Wick of Wick Newspaper group and today remains in the ownership of Milton’s sons, Walter and Robert Wick. Wick Newspaper Group, now Wick Communications owns 42 community newspapers across the US including Alaska.

Wick Communications

Mission Statement

Our Commitment: We are committed to providing our readers with relevant information about their lives, their concerns and their community.

We will always strive to maintain the highest possible standards of ethics and professionalism.

We will remember to inform without bias because at the heart of every issue, our responsibility is to our reader.

We will encourage and value our employees and recognize them for their accomplishments.

Our Vision

To grow with the area and continue providing information to the readers of entire region while never forgetting our commitment.

To participate in the education of our youth, to promote readership and support our schools and the future of our industry.

Who we are today

Now more and more people across the country are hearing about Green Valley, Ariz., a place Arizona Highways described as the “town too good to die, populated by people who have learned how to live." That's because Green Valley was designed to offer seniors the good life, with an abundance of recreational, cultural and social activities.

Selected as one of the country's best places to retire to by "Where To Retire" and “New Choices for Retirement” magazines several times, Green Valley, located in the historic Santa Cruz Valley, combines the best of two worlds and four cultures. The community is part of the original San Ignacio de la Canoa Land Grant from the king of Spain, an area filled with rich history ranging from the indians who settled the area about 1 A.D., to the conquistadors, missionaries, cowboys, miners and ranchers and modern-day health seekers.

Just to the north is Sahuarita, incorporated in 1994, is growing at a rate of 34% per year. The area is family-oriented and welcomes all ages to the many diverse community options available. Green Valley and Sahuarita appeal to those who enjoy small-town living, where you know your neighbors and traffic jams rarely happen.

Located 23 miles south of Tucson, and 145 miles south of Phoenix, also offers the desirable amenities of city life, including cultural activities, shopping, and a wide range of recreational activities. Linked to communities to the south by Interstate 19, Green Valley is only 37 miles north of Nogales, Arizona and the Mexican border.