For 18-year-old Alexis Ahumada, becoming valedictorian at Walden Grove High School feels “pretty good.”

Ahumada graduated May 20, and will attend Arizona State University in the fall to study engineering. She’s looking forward to experiencing a new city; a friend from WGHS will be her roommate.

“I’m excited to join clubs that have to do with my interests and meeting new people,” she said. “That’s kind of why I chose ASU because it’s further but close enough. I get to live in the dorms for my first experience living alone.”

She doesn’t have a dream job, but Ahumada’s goal is to become the CEO of a company.

Throughout high school, she enjoyed activities like art, piano, coding club, swim team and the environmental club, which was her favorite.

“I really like going out in the community and meeting people in the community and talking about environmental issues with the community,” she said.

Her favorite classes were math, science and art. But its the people at Walden Grove that she will miss the most.

“I mean, just getting to spend time with my friends and getting to talk with some of my favorite teachers was my favorite,” she said.

Among those who inspired her were science teacher Karin Rojahn and math teacher Amy Kueck.

“Mrs. Rojahn was there for me when I’ve gone through really hard times,” she said. “I’d talk to her about my problems and she would listen. Mrs. Kueck helped me with my schedule and also helped me with my problems. They just listened to me when I needed someone to listen.”

The teen said her parents have also been an inspiration to her throughout her high school years.

“Me and my dad made a deal that if I got valedictorian he’d pay me $1,000, so that was pretty good inspiration,” she said.

He’s already paid up.

Ahumada said she didn’t find her activities and classwork to be too much and reaching her 4.5 GPA didn’t require any type of major balancing act.

“Just turn everything in on time or just do what teachers expect from you,” she said. “That’s just how I did it. I just found time for everything.”

As she prepares for the next leg of her journey in life, Ahumada will look back fondly on her days at WGHS.

“Being at Walden, it was fun,” she said. “It was a good time and I enjoyed it.”

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