The Town of Sahuarita is poised to approve its tentative $94,927,520 budget on Monday; it would be up for final approval June 28.

Town staff said “2021 will end better than we anticipated,” and that the budget is sustainable for at least five years.

The proposed budget covers 24 capital improvement projects. 

Quail Crossing Boulevard extension

$3.17 million is going toward the next phase of a four-lane road with a bridge over the Santa Cruz River, including multi-use lanes, sidewalks and drainage. It would connect the Walmart area to Quail Creek. Currently, the road runs from Nogales Highway to the river.

Vehicle acquisitions

$860,000 will go toward vehicle acquisitions including vehicle replacements in the police department and new and replacement vehicles in the town’s fleet.

Wastewater facility upgrades

$765,000 is earmarked for the design and construction of upgrades to the Water Reclamation Facility to increase its capacity. Design would likely begin in 2022 with the construction starting in 2023. The expansion is considered necessary to keep up with development in the town.

Wastewater lab

$698,000 would be used for a new wastewater laboratory. The current building is in a state of “disrepair” and the new building would be ADA compliant, have proper space for storing chemicals, two restrooms, accessible showers for workers and have proper ventilation.

Anamax Park sewer lines

$585,000 is set aside to construct a “sanitary” sewer pipe and sewer connections within Anamax Park. This is necessary for future projects at the park the Town wants to do like a splash pad and an expansion to the recreation center.

A total of $956,400 would go toward park improvements, including Anamax, around town including shade canopies, a volleyball court at Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park and multiple “game zones.”

Technology projects

$380,000 will be used for technology improvements like acquiring new technology upgrades and infrastructure, expanding digital storage capacity at the town and some additional video surveillance devices for the Municipal Court.

Sahuarita Square design

$250,000 will go toward the design phase of Sahuarita Square, a future multi-use site envisioned as a town hub. The hope is for the area to showcase culture and entertainment featuring a marketplace, play areas, fields, eateries, restrooms and a performance space.

Town complex

$481,610 will go toward improvements at the Sahuarita town complex such as restoring the sundial, restroom renovations and new public works facilities.

If the council approves the tentative budget it sets the cap at $94,927,520. The council can still make changes to the budget before its final adoption, but not exceeding that amount.

For a full breakdown of the budget:

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