I read with interest Phillip Korth’s Letter to the Editor, May 29, with his explanation of why President Trump’s loyalists stay loyal (“Why they’re faithful”).

As a President Trump loyalist, I will give you my reason: He’s in line with most of my beliefs. Could I possibly vote for a Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, Leftist, or whatever label they give themselves? No, not one of their issues is in agreement with mine. Not one!

Do I agree with President Trump’s tweets, name calling and strike backs at his opponents? No, but I think he is the only person who could contend with the constant bombardment of hate spewed upon he and his family all day, every day. Is he tough and obnoxious? Yes, but he’s not coming to my house for Sunday dinner.

God bless America and President Donald Trump! He’s one of my heroes.

Floanne Morgan, Green Valley


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