I was very interested in the article in the Green Valley News where GVR board president Charles Sieck was quoted several times regarding the vote to build the pickleball complex (“GVR board approves pickleball contract,” Page A1, June 30).

The first comment was that he did not like getting a wave of emails.  The second was his statement, “If somebody really wants to have an impact and get the board’s attention, set up a meeting with the board.”

The final point is openness and transparency. For the past two years, directors elected to the GVR Board said they were for openness and transparency.  Sieck wanted this position, was voted into this position and now four directors cannot handle the heat. Interesting.

To provide input to the board there are three methods. One is to speak up at a board meeting (Bored or deer in the headlights look).  Two is to send an email (no response).  Third is a chance meeting in a public place (turn and walk away).  So, a chance to meet with either a director or the whole board has a chance of a cold day in Hades. 

A suggestion to President Sieck: Be a president for all the members and not for a small cadre.  Take the good, bad and ugly.  Be open where you stand.  Be prepared to listen and discuss all sides of an issue.  Do not hide behind your authority.

 Eric Sullwold, Green Valley


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