Let us have a discussion of how we can better manage humanitarian aid for the folks now seeking asylum for many reasons.

I recognize that this is a complex issue mixed up with cartel drugs flowing north and guns flowing south. Certainly, we need border protection and aggressive actions to curb those problems. However, let us not further traumatize those trying to escape from abuse and poverty by detaining them as if they were criminals.

We need to offer more coherent and available processes at the border by people well trained in asylum law. Access to asylum at the ports of entry is sadly inadequate. This forces desperate people to do desperate things. Many are looking for work to support their families. We need supervised, temporary work permits. These are separate issues from securing our border from criminal activity. Let security professionals deal with criminals. Let professionals who understand refugee crises and work programs manage those issues.

We need solutions, not more incarceration! We have a lot of work to do to make our tax dollars count for more than catching, detaining, prosecuting and deporting vulnerable people. Americans, we can do better.

Laurel Grindy, Green Valley

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