I’ve heard about a new problem in the health insurance mess that has affected people I know. It is known as the “surprise bill,” and some in Congress are beginning to address it. 

The surprise bill shows up months after a person has gone to an emergency or urgent care facility. These people know they have insurance. They paid their premiums, co-pays and have big deductibles, but in an emergency, they trust their care will be covered.

 When the surprise bill comes long after the emergency care, people usually think it is a mistake. But when they start tracking it down, they find the bill is for charges that their insurance company has denied because the doctor or the service is not in their network.

 As a senior citizen living on a fixed income, I can’t face a surprise medical bill.

There must be some solution to this potentially devastating problem. 

I read about one state that has established an arbitration/dispute resolution structure that helps people in this situation.  Shouldn’t Arizona have a process that would alleviate this situation?  An emergency is bad enough without facing hundreds of dollars denied by our insurance.

 Judy Cook, Green Valley


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