Mudslinging Martha is at it again. Are you as tired of watching the 2020 edition of McSally’s lies about her opponent and her gross misrepresentation of her position for pre-existing conditions as I am? We have been bombarded by one ad after another filled with inaccuracies and outright lies. But two ads tell the citizens of Arizona just how low she will go to get your vote.

In one ad she sat there in front of the camera and said, “I will always, always protect those with pre-existing conditions” when she has voted against this program eight times in her Congressional career. Eight times! But the one glaring ad which only ran a few times was the one in which she asked Arizonans to forego a meal and donate the cost of the meal to her campaign. This is beyond comprehension. In a time when thousands of Arizonans don’t know where there next meal is coming from, the deplorable one has gone well below the standard set by previous low-life candidates. Thousands of our citizens rely on food banks for food to feed their children. But Martha wants your meal money for her campaign. Vote Blue, Arizona, vote blue.

Casey Kelly

Green Valley