I think GVR has been aware for several years that the East Center pool would need repairs or replacing soon. Now is the time. Please be as transparent as possible with GVR members about the issues involved with repairing/replacing the EC pool. EC Pool is a unique pool in that it is warmer, has no lanes and it has a deep end.

I am aware that EC pool is a favorite for some GVR members for water aerobics, pool walking and for those who use the deeper water for special exercises. As an Aquabelle, I know how well it suits practicing synchronized swimming. We have used this pool for many years for practicing 2-3 times a week from May to September through 2019. Just this year we had 12 new GVR members excited to join us in this special water sport. Between Covid and the leaky pool we were very disappointed to have nowhere to swim and learn synchro together.

Please don’t make the big decision to just close the East Center Pool. Move forward to make the EC pool special again with a deep end and no lanes.

Sunny Maier

Green Valley