The current GVR Board has the power to equalize sport courts to fairly accommodate the relative numbers of pickleball and tennis players. Currently, there are 17 courts devoted to tennis and 11 courts devoted to pickleball. There are about 300 more pickleball players than tennis players.

Communities across the country are experiencing explosive growth in pickleball. As communities gear up to build dedicated pickleball courts, the common short-term solution has been to repurpose some tennis courts into pickleball courts. One tennis court is converted into two pickleball courts. The cost for two temporary nets and the painting of lines is less than $400.

If equalization were to occur, four tennis courts would be converted into eight pickleball courts. Results would be 13 tennis courts and 19 pickleball courts.

This is not a permanent solution. Once dedicated pickleball courts are built at the newly acquired site, the temporary courts would revert back to tennis. The action that is required is not within the power of the tennis club or the pickleball club. The tennis club has voiced opposition to any sharing of facilities. However, GVR’s responsibility is to allocate resources to benefit all members. GVR needs to be aware that if a formal proposal is submitted by the pickleball club and not approved, GVR is then opening the door to a “discrimination lawsuit” based upon their refusal to provide somewhat equal facilities to both clubs.

Mike Cote, Green Valley


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