I am a volunteer at the Benedictine Monastery, having done a variety of tasks, every one of them rewarding but none so much as greeting the asylum seekers as they arrive, cleaning their hands, giving them food and water, carrying a bin of stuffed toys to their children to choose from, and speaking kindly to them in my limited Spanish.

The transformation of these frightened, confused and anxious people is miraculous.

They are told, “Don’t be afraid; we are all friends here.” And the fatigue and fear are erased from their faces. A tiny stuffed toy has taken a child from tears to smiles. A small amount of food gives them energy they haven’t had for weeks. Kindness — well, it can’t be measured; it flows like a river.

Some people say “This is God’s work.” I don’t know about that. But what I do know is this is the most rewarding, selfless thing I’ve ever done.

For those who are unwelcoming and hostile, read the poem “Home” by Warsan Shire, which begins, “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”

These legal-status people deserve our care. Todos somos Americanos. Todos somos humanos. We are all Americans. We are all humans.

Kathleen Stocker, Green Valley

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