Leaders, please open the government now; 800,000 federal workers deserve to keep food on the table. The rest of us depend on government services.

We don’t need more physical wall. Those who work and live along the border know its ineffectiveness. Physical walls have proven damaging to the environment, to personal property, to business, to tourism and they are downright unfriendly.

We do need border security.

We need more customs agents. They catch the drug smugglers. We need more agents to man the gates at ports of entry; only six of 14 gates are open due to lack of agents at Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales. We need more gates manned to alleviate delays in commercial traffic and inconvenience to people crossing the border.

We need more immigration judges. It’s inhumane and un-American to ask anyone to wait years to get a hearing. It’s uneconomical to detain people who could be supporting their families or continue to be productive members of society. Unnecessary detentions and lack of immigration judges are a drain on taxpayers. It’s an economic issue!

These are immediate needs. Eventually, we need immigration reform with consistent and enforceable laws!

Susan Sanders, Green Valley


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