I have just returned from the GVR Board Affairs committee work session.

Shortly after the meeting started, John Haggerty pointed at a member and asked if he was taping the meeting. The member said “yes.” Mr. Haggerty then asked if he would turn off his recorder and the member said “no.” He then asked the member to leave. The member refused. Mr. Haggerty then adjourned the meeting. The member then offered to turn off the recorder and that is when Mr. Haggerty discovered that a reporter from the Green Valley News was also recording. He then wanted to know why a member of the press was there!

Mr. Haggerty then decided to close the meeting, whereas another member wouldn’t leave the room. Mr. Haggerty then threatened to call the sheriff.

Why did Mr. Haggerty not want the open meeting taped? There are no rules against taping an open meeting. In fact, I believe a staff member was taping it.

What really concerns me besides Mr. Haggerty’s behavior is that three board members voted to close the meeting — President Carol Crothers, director Sandra Thornton and director Lynne Chalmers. Director Charles Sieck also called in but I did not hear how he voted.

These directors all campaigned on transparency and open communication. Again, I ask, why are you afraid of a member taping any open meeting?

This was a very sad day for GVR.

Barbara Mauser, Green Valley


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