After attending last Wednesday’s GVR Board meeting, then reading Board President Sieck’s explanation, I am still a bit confused. During the Board meeting, it was stated that a $50,000 grant would be applied toward the construction of pickleball center restrooms. When asked if that $50,000 reduction in construction costs could be applied toward the building of additional courts, President Sieck said, “No, it doesn’t work that way.”

Sieck’s comments in Sunday’s Green Valley News indicated that applying that $50,000 toward additional courts would not properly serve the 95 percent of GVR members who don’t play pickleball. Since the money in question had already been approved for constructing the pickleball center, I don’t understand his rationale. Nobody was seeking additional money from GVR, just use of money already earmarked for the pickleball center project.

President Sieck explained the necessity of a secret ballot to protect dissenting Board members from potentially angry, unruly pickleballers. Pickleball Club members may be vocal about perceived Board bias, but I would never expect them to ever be violent. I think President Sieck owes Pickleball Club members an apology for that inaccurate and inflammatory depiction.

Finally, I applaud the Board for approving the pickleball center construction contract.

Mark Haskoe, Green Valley


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