I really tried to read the list of successful applicants for PPE funds during the first round of funding. There is one word that I rarely saw on that list and that is “public.”

The Senate is currently unable to reach a decision about how they will fund the second round. They say they want the neediest citizens to benefit. I have some suggestions.

There are currently 50.8 million students in public schools and 3.1 million students in charter schools. The first round of stimulus granted between one to two billion dollars to charter schools. I have no doubt that every school will have added expenses in order to open schools safely for children and teaching staff. I also have no doubt that historically underfunded public schools will need more money because of their commitment to serving about 90% of all students.

Other areas that can help those who need it the most include food banks, public transportation, reliable unemployment benefits and access to subsidies for mortgage and rent assistance for those who are unable to find jobs. Those are the needs of real families.

The money that is being distributed comes from our public dollar. It should be spent accordingly.

I trust that Sens. McSally and Sinema will embrace the real families and children who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Polly Daly, Green Valley