It is rarely accurate and always unfair to ascribe ill motives to those with whom we disagree.

That is the main flaw in the reasoning used by Duke Southard in his recent letter (“Our responsibility,” Sept. 1). Most of the issues he cites are those advocated by liberals and his conclusion is that if you don’t agree, then you must be in the camp of people who don’t care about future generations.

As a thoughtful conservative, I can assure him that nothing could be further from the truth. Every position I hold and every political philosophy that guides me is based on what I believe is best for all men and women now and in the future.

He also employs the often-used political tactic of the “straw man” argument. Just who are these people who actually say they don’t care about issues because they won’t be alive to be affected by the consequences?

In many years of discussing issues with folks from all political points of view, I haven’t met one person who expressed that callous concept. Not one.

Jim Cleary, Green Valley

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