Regarding Tom Fava’s “View” that the three-fifths compromise was anti-slavery: If so, why did slavery persist for another hundred years? (“Three-fifths compromise was anti-slavery effort,” Aug. 18).

Vice President Biden is correct — because there was nothing in that compromise that eliminated slavery (or gave black persons voting rights, or even civil or human rights), the compromise, therefore, allowed slavery to continue. Mr. Fava can twist and fudge all he wants, but calling a black person less than a human being is about as racist as it comes, no matter the rationale.

If Mr. Fava is so concerned about a president who “shows an incredible ignorance of American history and the meaning of the Constitution,” I’m assuming he’s going to do everything in his power to keep the conman-in-chief, who has displayed the most incredible lack of knowledge of American and world history and the Constitution (and pretty much everything else) from serving a second term.

Deborah Cox, Green Valley

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