I find I have to respond to the advertisement in the Sunday paper by the United Republicans of Green Valley, titled “NO.”

In a short summary: Do you recognize the self destruction of democracy, including “anarchists running wild” (think the attempt to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan); “widespread unapologetic disregard for the truth”; “disintegration of the rule of law”; “ignorance of history”; “politicizing of almost every subject”and an unrelenting attempt to overthrow the existing government.”

It seems to me that the Republicans have adopted President Trump’s projection of all his evilness onto those he perceives as his enemies.

I do agree that if you don’t want to see this country torn further apart, vote for Joe Biden, who will bring calmness, honesty, integrity and truth back to our government in Washington with the help of Sen. Mark Kelly. Together we can heal our democracy and earn back the respect of the world.

Betsy Hall, Green Valley