Are you waiting patiently for your $1,200 COVID check to arrive in the mail or, better yet, a direct deposit into your bank account? Are you dreaming of all the ways you could use that money for a little splurge for you or your family as a reward for enduring being inconvenienced by COVID for who-knows-how-long?

Please consider donating your entire $1,200 (all to one or $100 each to 12) to local organizations that are supporting the most vulnerable members of your community. Find organizations who are scrambling to support children who no longer receive free lunches at school, the elderly who need groceries, meals, or medicines delivered, or unauthorized immigrants who now have no income.

If you have dependents, ask them to help you decide which funds to support.

Do your research — and write your checks. Don’t stop to think about it.

Alyson Ball, Green Valley

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