I was fortunate to have had minor surgery at Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital recently. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my short visit because I was overwhelmed by the very positive and friendliness of the staff. The minute I arrived in the back and Beverly said, “Are you ready to party?” I was taken aback.

As any patient awaiting surgery, no matter the severity, I was a little apprehensive. I was immediately put at ease by the surgical staff, including Mary, Darla, Katherine, Reggie and Dr. Gillespie.

Beverly was the perfect “greeter nurse,” who instructed me on what I would be wearing, including my “designer gown,” and what I was to expect.

Even though I cannot honestly say that I am looking forward to coming back to any hospital, it is experiences such as mine that will encourage people to come to the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital. Hopefully, with word of mouth, this helps sustain and enhance the hospital’s reputation as a reliable and positive alternative in this community that we all want.

Bob Campbell, Green Valley

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