This past Tuesday, at a Trader Joe’s in Tucson, a male shopper came in wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt. My husband and I immediately felt threatened and observed the entire mood of the store shift as well. We quickly and cautiously finished our shopping and moved to the checkout stands.

Before we left, my husband asked our checker — a Caucasian woman —to convey to management the anxiety we had just experienced at suddenly finding ourselves in a confined space with a man who looked the part of a typical Trump-terrorist.

We were not prepared for our checker’s response. Thanking us both profusely, she grabbed my husband’s hand like a lifeline, two fingers flying to check her own neck pulse. The Trump shopper had just been through her line and her heart was still racing with fear —she actually needed us to help her calm down! I wanted to run after this man and ask if he knew what he had done to this hapless woman, what he had done to us, but of course he knew; that was the point and he’s got plenty of dark-minded company, and that’s the most terrifyingly awful thing of all.

Cheryl Boyles, Green Valley

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