I do not play pickleball, but my wife and many fellow Green Valley residents do. Fortunately, those individuals had the foresight to see where Green Valley needs to go in the future — unlike most of the GVR Board.

Hey, wake up, $343,084 in donations from a small contingent of Green Valley residents that want to do what they want, when and where. Get with the program or get out.

I fully expect that the GVR Board will expect and demand a 30 percent contribution from all other club improvements or new activities, as they did for pickleball. The GVR Board’s pickleball decisions related to improvements in the community is a real tribute to the GVR Board’s infinite wisdom and short-sighted perspective of what is good for one and not for all.

Fortunately, many others are wiser than their leaders. Hopefully, this wisdom will carry over to next year’s election.

Bill Ciferri, Green Valley

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