After reading Mr. Mark Haskoe’s Letter to the Editor on Sept. 1, I felt it was time to correct some of his comments (“GVR vote”).

1. GVR board members were not hostile regarding the monies raised by the Pickleball Club and the GVR Foundation, which would allow an additional 16 courts (bringing the total to 24); in fact, the board president complimented them for their efforts!

2. During this special board meeting, a director did “call the question” during member comment time on an issue that had been under discussion for 90 minutes, which ended any and all discussions. When a board member makes that call, all discussion stops and it is time for the Board to take a yes or no vote. This was not being disrespectful to members wishing to make comments

3. Mr. Haskoe’s comments regarding the board president calling for a secret ballot, being illegal, is incorrect and the CEO’s comment stating secret ballots were in violation of the CPM were incorrect also. Apparently the board and the CEO have been told secret ballots are permissible on any and all board votes (obviously the CPM needs correction). So, a secret ballot is not being disrespectful or illegal to anyone, much less the GVR membership!

4. If there happens to be a legal opinion on file, Mr. Haskoe’s request to see such document will never happen, unless the writing attorney and or the board approve of that release!

Terry Vogler, Green Valley

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