Interesting editorial in the Sunday Green Valley News regarding the editor’s visit to a marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Oregon, including remarking on how well run it appeared to be under Oregon’s recreational marijuana laws (“I was as weed shop virgin,” Page A6).  It was particularly timely since there is an effort to introduce recreational marijuana usage in Arizona.

I was pleased to see that he did express skepticism about this proposed expansion of authorized marijuana usage in Arizona.  My own feeling is well beyond skepticism. Current law enforcement reports show that DUI arrests due to drug use are matching and/or exceeding those for alcohol excess. I add that to my understanding that medical evidence still supports the belief that marijuana is a “gateway” drug to more powerful drugs.

Returning to the editorial, which indicated that the facility in Ontario was clean and efficiently run, I simply raise the question whether the situation in a city of less than 15,000 residents at the far eastern edge of Oregon would apply as well in the highly populated cities like Portland or Eugene. Recent news reports could  lead one to believe perhaps not.

Glenn Lundell, Green Valley

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