When I read that the border wall construction is to begin in Organ Pipe National Park, Quitobaquito Oasis, and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, I felt sick to my stomach. This construction is being funded with money diverted from our military, including a project in Arizona. The construction contract was awarded to a company from New Mexico.

Up to 31.8 million gallons of groundwater will be needed to build this relatively short stretch of wall. The company has been cleared to use existing wells and also drill new wells if necessary. This is Arizona. Water here is a precious commodity. We can’t afford to use 32 million gallons of water just so President Trump can please his constituency, most of whom could probably not locate Arizona on a map. The damage to our aquifers, animals, plants, Native Americans and beautiful Sonoran Desert will last forever. It will not be set right in our lifetimes.

This is a tragedy that didn’t have to be and is all because he thinks this is the only way to solve our immigration problems. As far as I’m concerned, the price is way too high.

Marilyn Querciagrossa, Green Valley

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