I am unwilling to sit back and absorb the criticism directed at us that always seems to accompany these horrific mass shootings. The criticism comes from Democrats and their media allies, which operate in tandem in this day and age.

After the Gabby Giffords shooting in 2011, a state legislator, the Pima County sheriff and Brian Ross of ABC News all raced to microphones to declare that the Tea Party was to blame for the awful shooting. This was proven to be false. The accuracy of their claims mattered little to them. They knew that their statements would inflict harm on conservatives and that was what was most important to them.

Last weekend, our country was rocked by mass murders of 31 people in Dayton and El Paso. Dozens more were injured. Two evil killers committed these crimes and deserve the wrath of the nation. I’ve heard very little blame directed at these two monsters from Democrats and the media. They blame President Trump, the NRA, guns and Republicans. They seem to blame everyone and everything other than the actual perpetrators. We are disgusted by their constant dishonesty and false accusations!

Did Republicans blame Bernie Sanders when one of his supporters shot Steve Scalise and others? Are we blaming Elizabeth Warren because the Dayton killer supported her? We don’t use these sick and twisted tactics. The Democrats do and it’s about time they were called out for it. The Democrat Party is so morally bankrupt that a number of their presidential candidates immediately started fund raising from these tragic events. Apparently, they have no shame.

Jim Stone, Green Valley

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