Why 24 courts?

Why not 30 or 16 or 10? Where did this number come from? It’s my guess that the utilization figures submitted by the Pickleball Club were only for peak times. Do the pickleballers really expect to have a court available anytime that they want to play?

So why 24? Some members believe this design is not for member use but rather a place to host national and international tournaments. Is this true? If not, then why 24?

During an interview with the Green Valley News published Feb. 28, 2019, then- GVR President Jim Nelson said, “I am happy we achieved our goal of our 24-court complex. I want to see a national tournament in Green Valley.”

This is why CEO Kent Blumenthal had a huge ramada, picture a Wimbledon-like stadium court, added to the pickleball plans.

So that is why the cost of the complex rose dramatically.

Do the pickleball players need more courts? Certainly. The membership will support a reasonable proposal. What if GVR doubled the current capacity? Would that satisfy demand? We don’t know, but it sure would help. Does GVR need a 24-court tournament venue? This is a membership question and should be left for the membership to decide.

Royce Fickling, Green Valley

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