This is in regard to the article in the March 24 paper about alleged non-payment of 2021 dues by “almost 10 percent” of GVR’s members.

I think GVR might want to re-check those figures. On March 12, I received a notice that I hadn’t paid my dues, and they were charging late fees for February and March. In fact, I had paid the full dues on Dec. 23, via draft issued by my bank. It was deposited into GVR’s account on Jan. 4. When I was finally able to talk to someone (for 2 days I couldn’t even get a call to go through), I was told they’d been having a lot of the same type of calls, and that “administration” handled membership dues now.

I was put through to admin and, per their request, I took copies of the check front and back to their office. I was assured the records would be corrected, and late fees rescinded. I hope so, but I’m thinking I’m not the only GVR member this happened to!

Terrie Hodson

Green Valley