“Methinks thou dost protest too much” is a popular version of a famous quotation from the Shakespearian play, Hamlet. I couldn’t help but think of this as our president announced for at least the 100th time that he is not a racist. Actually, he claimed to be the “least racist person you ever met” in a televised interview.

If we accept his words at face value, his comments about the city of Baltimore and the suggestion that certain women in Congress should go back to where they came from are not racist. Instead, they are just the president of the United States insulting the very citizens he has sworn to serve, likely because they disagree with him. Following that line of logical thinking, all who disagree with him are wrong and should not be permitted to make those disagreements public.

“Actions speak louder than words” is another famous saying that seems to fit here. Mr. Trump: Don’t keep telling us you are not a racist, that you are a genius, that you have the best words, that you build the best walls, etc, etc. Your bullying, boorish behavior tells us much more about your integrity, your opinion of large segments of the population you choose to insult, your courage, and your personal character and morality than your words.

Duke Southard, Green Valley

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