As GVR members, our worries about this board were maximized at the meeting Thursday. This is no longer only a pickleball issue, but more importantly, a board competency concern.

No matter if you are pro or con to the Baja $85,000 proposal and lease (for about 45 BAJA non-GVR members to get a temporary pass for only pickleball courts for eight years), we have to see that to dismiss accepting $85,000 is fiduciary negligence.

The Board has an ambitious strategic plan with huge next projects (such as lapidary) and this was one innovative way to complete the long-term needs of one club. This is no longer about pickleball as the Pickleball Club campaign is raising funds ($233,473 so far) with still a target goal of 20 to 24 courts and 16 days to go. Five board members repeated the identical, and often inaccurate, barriers, while Don Weaver encouraged “out of the box” thinking to accept the lease. BAJA President Jim Brewer demonstrated leadership and integrity that we can only hope to have on our board some day.

The competency of this board is a much bigger concern for us as a community than pickleball courts. 

Kristine Servais, Green Valley

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