The dog park at Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park is a wonderful place for dogs and people alike (“Not an entitlement,” Sept. 8). The rules for use of the park are at best arbitrary and capricious and must be taken with a grain of salt.

The small-dog side is for those canines under 30 pounds. The larger side assumes anything over that. The large dogs can also be 100-150 pounds with aggressive tendencies, and a medium-size dog is no match for these guys. My dog is about 40-50 pounds, a lovely little lab with a heart of gold, and a deathly fear of big dogs. Many dogs are older, or have physical limitations, or are rescue animals who are timid, and cannot handle the aggression of the larger dogs.

So, a good many people bring their larger dogs to the small side for socialization and recreation. Most of those with larger dogs try to come to the park when smaller dogs are not there, like early morning.

I take my dog about 6 a.m. and the group of little and bigger dogs mix very well. I’ve only had one person bark at me to remove my dog to the larger side. Some people just like to bark. If a person takes issue with my dog being on the small-dog side I simply go home because she has been attacked on so many occasions that I can’t risk her safety on the large-dog side. I can assure the letter writer that the dog owners have plenty of integrity and consideration for their neighbors, but we can’t put our animals at risk.

Understand the issues before insulting your neighbors. Most of the “wee ones” do quite well in a mixed park.

Elizabeth Jollie

Green Valley