Enough is enough!  OK, what are you going to do about it?  Well, we need stricter gun laws. Will you create new gun laws?  Yes.  What are they?  Universal background checks.  We already have universal background checks.  Every licensed gun dealer in America is required to perform a background check before he/she sells a gun.  

Well, I’m talking about the need for a background check at gun shows and personal transactions among friends and relatives.  OK, let's do it.  But, do you believe that every gun transaction at a gun show and/or personal gift or sale or trade will voluntarily result in a background check?  Well, perhaps not always, but a few are better than none!  OK, let's pass that law.

America may pick up a few that do not qualify for gun possession, assuming people with integrity will follow the law without reservation.  What else will you do, pass additional gun laws? You bet!  What are they?  Well, let's eliminate all those AR15s and AK47s.  OK, let's do it.  Do you believe the owners of those firearms will surrender them to the federal government or dispose of them some other way so they are not in violation of criminal law?  Keep in mind, that there are several hundred thousand of those firearms at large in the United States. Well, the government can require it.  OK, government confiscation.  

Do you think for one minute that the criminal element will abide with your new law(s) and surrender their firearms at will? Why do you believe they would  have a magic injection of integrity and without hesitation, follow the law?  In America, every year, there are roughly 17,284 murders, 319,356 robberies, 135,755 rapes and 1,401,840 burglaries, or about one burglary every 21 seconds. Do these stats give you pause?

Well, we obviously can not legislate good behavior! Criminals, and those that want to create violence and human misery on our streets, effortlessly ignore the law. Codified law means nothing to them. The stats confirm that.

The big picture

What has happened in America in the last 40 or 50 years? I call it the dumbing down of human life, or the ill-prepared blueprint of diminished respect for fellow man.  If we think what is occurring is not a cultural problem, at least in part, we are kidding ourselves.

The following are troublesome issues that have created an infected state and have been compounded by recreants.  Fatherless homes. It’s been recorded that there are more than 20 million kids and teenagers who live in fatherless homes, and the majority of mass shooting suspects have been fatherless individuals.

 Former President Obama, in a speech on Father’s Day 2008, explained, “We know the statistics — that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime, are nine times more likely to drop out of school, are 20 times more likely to end up in prison, are more likely to have behavior problems, or run away from home or become teenage parents themselves.”  

Street gangs. There are over 30,000 criminal street gangs and nearly 850,000 gang members in America.  Most are at least periodically armed. Street gangs are out of control.  

Religion. Church attendance is down significantly in the last two decades and Christianity and Judaism are under siege. Don’t dare build a manger scene at Christmas time and call Christmas the holidays!  Politics.  Many of the current throng of political leaders grew up in the environment where beatniks and flower children were " hip.” Some have transitioned to politics and brought their negative views on government and law enforcement with them.

Elected officials should be looked on as role models. Not today. The incessant, 24/7 harassment and sleeze directed at our president by the left is heard by the nation, including impressionable youth who act out accordingly.  And the name calling and other encroachments by the president in his tweets serve as negative feedback which exacerbate an established repugnant environment. It is past time for higher authorities to speak out forcibly to recapture a sane, prosperous and orderly society!  The American people have had enough! The definition of the word hate has become commonplace.

William Davis lives in Green Valley.

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