We want to believe that American values are decency, honesty and civility. We should not harm and should be protected from harm.

Thirty seven mental health professionals contributed to the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” It concerns A Duty to Warn. In mental health, those who assess dangerousness are shirking their responsibilities if they see potential harm go unreported. Trump’s chaotic, dangerous behavior is on continuous, observable display.

Psychiatrist Lance Dodes, a contributor to the book, commented on the emptiness of Trump, that no amount of power, attention and revenge can fill that emptiness. Dr. Dodes described Trump as a pathologically dishonest sociopath with paranoid, delusional tendencies, concerned only for himself. If Trump were merely an unscrupulous, vindictive real estate investor in a gold-plated tower, inflicted harm would be limited. Taken to the White House, those behaviors are exponentially more damaging.

Trump brags, bullies, denies, blames and attacks, with no attempt at unity or civility. Trump as president is like having an emotionally abusive parent, creating pervasive anxiety and uncertainty. He assaults individuals and agencies, and holds Nuremberg-type rallies where he attacks anyone and anything that could hold him accountable. He creates Us vs. Them enemies which only he can conquer. Quite conceivably, he could instigate an international or domestic crisis to create fear and extend power. Trump seeks unlimited authority, trampling law and order, as if he were CEO of the nation. forgetting that he works for us, the real US.

According to Dr. Dodes, it will only get worse.

Trump was impeached for the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, calling that a “hoax” and “witch hunt.” He was tried in the Senate for the abuse and obstruction. Another hoax. Witnesses were prevented and documents withheld. More obstruction. Trump was acquitted. The preordained outcome did not serve truth or justice. No amount of evidence would have resulted in conviction. Trump became unleashed, claiming vindication, punishing those who testified truthfully against him, and rewarding those who lie.

Trump has further abused power, pardoning adjudicated criminals like Rod Blagojevich. There will be more. He claims to be the top law official in the country and that the Constitution allows him to do what he wants. Neither is true.

Trump is a megalomaniac, with grandiose delusions of power, taking credit for anything positive, blame for nothing. Only winning matters. He spent weeks minimizing the dangers of the coronavirus, which was incredibly dangerous. When asked about the White House disbanding the pandemic response team office, he took no responsibility. Most incredibly, Trump is now projecting rational concern and claims that he knew this was a pandemic before it was a pandemic. It may be his biggest lie.

A rational, objective evaluation by medical experts is required during this potentially dire health situation, not groundless claims. In these times, honesty and competence are crucial.

The stock market has taken a deep dive recently for various reasons; the coronavirus, oil prices, uncertainty.Trump blames the Democrats and the “Fake News” media. Nothing is ever his fault.

What can be done? Voting is obvious. If he loses, however, Trump will attack the election’s legitimacy. Some predict that if he goes down, he would take others, and democracy, with him.

There is another way. Voters can aggressively and passionately contact their representatives and senators. If Republicans in Congress decide they have had enough, Trump could be gone by summer. Congress members know what he is, but are fearful of retribution and losing their golden parachutes, providing eternal rewards. They know that Trump would throw them under the bus as he has so many. He is the neighborhood bully whose parents deny his wrongdoing, no matter the evidence. Trump’s enablers do the same, and the bully continues being the bully, with zero credibility. He is The Man Who Cried Wolf.

As must be done to all bullies, Congress merely has to stand up to Trump. He would have a full-blown meltdown and his true character would be revealed.

This is not a political matter. There are positive and negative Democrats and Republicans. This is deeper. It is about character, and a true danger to our democracy and people. It is never acceptable for a dishonest, cruel bully to lead anything, especially our country. We need unity, not vindictive destruction of an already severely divided nation.

Paul McCreary lives in Green Valley.