In February 2014, less than a month after he began as CEO, Kent Blumenthal said to the GVR Board, “What would you think if Money Magazine had GVR on the cover of one of its 2018 monthly editions as the destination of choice for active adults and retirees?”

In March 2014, the CEO presented his 11-Point Work Plan. This plan was the blueprint to bring his vision to fruition. The plan included, among other items, changes to financial planning, reporting and budgeting, revising GVR fees, dues and charges and a GVR growth initiative to attract future retirees to Green Valley.

The approval of the plan in 2014 was the start of the GVR Board abdicating its responsibility by relinquishing policy decisions to the CEO. The CEO was given the green light by the Board, so the 11-point plan took on a life of its own and was the road map for the WSM Architects $40 million, 10-Year Strategic Plan. Most members paid little attention to the plan and what it could mean until September 2016, when the board adopted the CEO’s Vision Statement: “To be the preeminent destination of choice for active adults and retirees.”

The plan, as designed by WSM, is to do a major makeover GVR. Building the championship pickleball complex and enlarging and modernizing the Member Service Center/Maintenance Facility were the first two goals of the plan. The plan also calls for razing and rebuilding the entire West Center complex, and make numerous additions and changes to a number of the other facilities. All of this is to attract and accommodate another 8,000 plus more members with the hope that property values will increase. All of this growth will be paid for by the current GVR membership so don’t believe the Friends of GVR when they say they are determined to keep GVR affordable.

There are GVR members like myself who are opposed to this plan for growth. We don’t want more traffic and congestion. The small town feel is why many folks chose Green Valley as a lace to retire. We want to maintain our facilities, only expand as the need of current members dictate, good financial management, a Board of Directors who set policy consistent with the members values and who keep dues at reasonable levels. We want the Board to focus on GVR’s Mission Statement of providing “...recreational, social and leisure education opportunities that enhance the quality of our members’ lives.”

Then there is a group (Friends of GVR) that support the CEO’s Plan and his Vision Statement. They have recruited four candidates whom they hope will take control of the board. If elected, they will revert to more spending and building creating more traffic and congestion and confusing and unrealistic financial reporting and budgets. To accomplish these goals, they will raise dues on the GVR membership with the promise of increasing property values.

This upcoming election is perhaps more important for GVR members than any past election.

You will receive your Notice of Annual Meeting and voting instructions in the next few days. It is your organization and you get to decide its fate: the Vision Statement or the Mission Statement?

I urge you to vote for the candidates endorsed by GVR4US: Kathi Bachelor, Lenore Bell, Mark Kelley and Dale Sprinkle.

John Haggerty is a retired attorney who lives in Green Valley and is a former member of the GVR Board of Directors.

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