I agree that Cheryl Boyles’ letter about a “Trump 2020” T-shirt was appalling and ridiculous. Wearing a Trump t-shirt is guaranteed by our Constitution. However, I am more appalled and stymied by voters who support Trump.

Doesn’t it bother you that Trump has been involved in more than 4,000 lawsuits, many of which are currently active, and range from sexual assault to tax violations to construction suits to employer-related suits, and on and on?

Doesn’t it bother you that Trump has been accused of sexual assault by 24 women in the past few decades, and that he said he could simply kiss and grab women by the you-know-what, any time he wanted?

Doesn’t it bother you that this man paid off a porn star while in office, and that he reportedly had multiple affairs during his marriages, including one which occurred while his wife was pregnant with their son?

Doesn’t it bother you that every time Trump travels to Mar-a-Lago or one of his golf resorts, we citizens pay for Secret Service and other government officials to rent rooms, eat, drive golf carts, etc., and that this money all goes into Trump’s bank account? What previous president can you name that has profited in this way from his government position?

Doesn’t it bother you that this president has refused to release his tax returns, when other presidents have willingly supplied their returns? What is he hiding?

Doesn’t it bother you that this presidency has seen an unprecedented level of Cabinet departures, and that most departments, including the State Department, are woefully understaffed?

Doesn’t it bother you when this guy stands on the world stage, next to Vladimir Putin, and declares that he believes Putin when he says there was no meddling in our elections, in direct contradiction to more than 17 U.S. government agencies?

Doesn’t it bother you that he has alienated nearly every one of our allies, and has instead praised and genuflected to the world’s dictators?

Doesn’t it bother you that immigrant families have been separated for months and months, and that thousands of children have been sent across the country to facilities far from the border? Some of these families may never be reunited.

Doesn’t it bother you that members of Trump’s administration simply ignore subpoenas to appear before Congress? If you or I were to do that, we would be promptly taken to jail.

Doesn’t it bother you that this administration has, or is intending to lift protections for endangered species, in order to allow more drilling in previously protected areas of our country, including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and Tongass National Forest?

Doesn’t it bother you that this president refused to attend a meeting about climate change at the G7 summit?

Doesn’t it bother you that Trump lies about the trade war with China, stating that “billions and billions of dollars” are filling U.S. coffers, when in fact it is consumers who will be paying for these tariffs?

Doesn’t it bother you that this president lies about almost everything on a daily basis, and refuses to admit to previous statements he’s made, even when they are on videotape?

Doesn’t it bother you that anytime he feels affronted, he retaliates on Twitter with despicable, demeaning and personal attacks?

And more importantly, doesn’t it bother you that as he is tweeting all this nonsense, the Amazon is burning, India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir, North Korea is sending up ballistic missiles, Syria’s war is raging, Iran is working with our allies, and not the U.S., and this president is loath to even read his daily briefing from the Director of National Intelligence and other U.S. security staff?

Doesn’t it bother you that when Denmark advised that they were not willing to sell Greenland, he abruptly cancelled his visit to Denmark, like a petulant child?

Oh, and by the way, how did you like your big, fat tax refund? I could go on and on. Suffice to say this chaotic presidency is exhausting.

Christine K. Mitchell lives in Green Valley.

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