There has been a lot of publicity concerning the request for $60,000 to provide shade structures at the new 24-court pickleball complex. The complex has a scheduled completion of January. On Sept. 25, the GVR Board of Directors voted not to provide funding for shade structures at this time. I am one out of 12 directors on the board so I can only speak for myself. These are my personal views and do not reflect the opinion of the GVR Board of Directors.

The $1.25 million approved by the board in January is for a usable facility. The board was not involved with the design decisions which should have included shade if it was critical.

A decision was made by our CEO, Dr. Blumenthal, to “value engineer” the shade from the project to stay under the $1.25 million approved by the board. This decision was not shared with the Board of Directors or the Pickleball Club.

The Pickleball Club was concerned that the shade might be eliminated from the construction contract. Before the contract was finalized, the Pickleball Club submitted a club request for $60,000 for shade structures to the Planning & Evaluation Committee without knowing if would be needed. The club request was one of three forwarded by the Planning & Evaluation Committee to the Board for approval at the Sept. 25, meeting.

There are contingency funds in the pickleball complex construction contract that currently have not been spent. Any remaining contingency funds after construction is completed could be used for shade structures. Until the contract is completed, it is unknown how much shade can be purchased.

The board has already committed over $1.5 million to this facility and another $188,000 for the pickleball courts at East Center earlier this year. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to take care of all 24,000 members, not just the 1,000 members who play pickleball.

 The shade structures installed elsewhere at GVR facilities were put up after the facility was built and the need was demonstrated. The same will happen here. The shade will be installed after the facility is built and if the need is demonstrated.

Charlie Sieck is president of the GVR Board of Directors.

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