The American public is bombarded daily by our national news media’s ideas about what are the important national issues facing our country. The media don’t have a clue. Our coming firestorm is not from Russia, China or an impeach the president proceeding. We have just witnessed in real time the abdication by the government of Mexico of the control of that country to the Sinaloa drug cartel and their crowd.

The major cartels now call the shots in Mexico. The recent rapid exit of the attacked Mormon community survivors confirms they have seen the developing situation firsthand for what it means for their futures in Mexico and they are leaving all their hard work and investments behind in fear of their lives.

The Mexican government and its military and police are impotent to take on the major drug cartels and, frankly, they are scared to confront them in battle; the cartels have shown they have better command and control structures over their crews than that of the police and government military. And, most importantly, both sides are equally outfitted with the military equipment and the knowledge of how to use it.

Consider these known facts and you decide:

1. The drug cartels recently “ordered” the service stations in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (across from El Paso) not to sell gasoline to the police or military vehicles, and the stations have complied;

2. The Sinaloa cartel recently confronted and defeated the police and Mexican military in a city of 1 million (Culiacan) in gun battles and forced the release of El Chapo’s son, and shot the arresting police officer 155 times for his efforts and as a symbol for future arrest attempts of key cartel leaders and the cartel took control of the city;

3. Attacked and murdered nine American women and children in broad daylight with no fear of government interference or response; and when our president offers to help Mexico with our military, that was quickly rejected by the Mexican president;

4. In my experience, people of Mexico now have more respect for the Mexican cartels than their own law enforcement and the government, and ask the cartels for help with petty crime investigations and other problems;

5. And last, but not least, the last time my wife and I traveled to Rocky Point, Mexico, several months ago, we were stopped by the Mexican military and an armed and uniformed Mexican soldier helped himself to some of my wife’s cash that was in her purse during his search. That had never happened before to us before and it was a sign of what the future holds for Americans in Mexico.

So, who now controls Mexico and what if anything is going to change that new fact of life? I can tell you as a former owner (thank you, Lord) of businesses and condos in Mexico, changes are coming quickly to the land down under and I don’t mean Australia, and I would think long and hard before investing or traveling in that county again.

Bobby Wilson is an author and vice chair of Pima County Republican Party Legislative District 2.

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