In Sunday’s Green Valley News, the article “A Death In Sahuarita: When people in need refuse help,” alarmed me.

Thank God for good neighbor Sara Vartola. When members of the Green Valley Fire District and the Sahuarita Police Department and Adult Protective Services all witnessed the squalor, bugs, human feces and garbage within the home of the Bhatias and apparently couldn’t do anything about it, I wonder, “What about sanitation laws?”

The garbage was also overflowing outside the house, which affects neighbors’ health and safety from vermin and disease. What went wrong here? 

What about all the other vulnerable Green Valley residents with increasing dementia, impaired judgment and fear of nursing homes who may also be living in bug- and vermin-infested conditions? What can we as a community do to prevent or rectify this ongoing problem?

Anne Baker, Green Valley

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