Our daughter is a single mom who barely made ends meet when working full-time in the hospitality industry. She has no health insurance. The business closed due to the pandemic. She applied for unemployment and public benefits immediately. Seven weeks later she has seen nothing…and she qualifies for help. She is worried.

Individuals who earn low wages and don’t qualify for government benefits are more worried. Essential workers like undocumented farm workers, a citizen grocery worker with an undocumented spouse, or the many DACA residents who are frontline healthcare workers will get no government benefits.


• We can open businesses with protections for staff and customers and have testing and tracking available in sufficient quantities to control future outbreaks

• We can ask our legislators to pass legislation providing living wages for all workers

• We can share our blessings now by giving to these organizations which offer direct help to worried workers (Google them):

•Ortiz Mobile Health Program (UofAZ program for uninsured and under-served)

•MHC Healthcare (Patient-centered clinics with a sliding fee scale)

•Undocumented Worker Fund – Movimiento Cosecha (Established by immigrants)

•Arizona Undocumented Workers Relief Fund (AZ Community Foundation)

Susie Sanders, Green Valley