Over this past week, what with Thanksgiving, I have been considering the things that I am thankful for. Two of those things are the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital and La Posada Outpatient Therapies.

Several months ago, I was a patient in the swing bed unit for two weeks, recuperating from spinal fusion surgery. I am of the belief that I would not be as mobile as I am today without the treatment I received at the hospital. The staff was outstanding. I received physical therapy seven days a week, and it was geared toward me being able to live independently. The same for the occupational therapy, which was five or six days a week. The medical assistants were kind and caring and always willing to do what they could to make you comfortable, even the 3 a.m. wake-up for pills.

I am thankful for the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital and would recommend it to anyone. When I was discharged, I was able to continue my therapy at La Posada Outpatient Therapies, where I was received amazing support from the therapists. I am doing well today thanks to our local medical facilities.

Bill McNarie, Sahuarita