I would like to commend the GVR Pickleball Club and the GVR Foundation for raising over $340,000 to ensure all 24 courts will be built at the GVR Pickleball complex.

Raising that amount of money in such a short period of time was an amazing feat. It’s unfortunate that some members of the GVR Board were outwardly hostile toward that outcome. During a special board meeting Aug. 8, director Lynne Chalmers called for a vote shortly after member comments began, thus denying members the opportunity to express their opinions.

When the board president announced his intention to conduct a secret ballot on a proposal, he ignored cautions by the GVR CEO, who pointed out that secret ballots during open meetings were in violation of the Corporate Policy Manual. Another director stated the board’s legal counsel had advised that a secret ballot was within the appropriate guidelines.

When I asked for a copy of that legal opinion, I was told that the director had misspoken. That was the second time in two months that the board president opted for a secret ballot. Such violations of written guidance are an embarrassment and are disrespectful to the entire GVR membership.

Mark Haskoe, Green Valley

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