We were new to Green Valley at the end of February 2020. Never understood what the whole GVR tussle was about. Here’s our take from a newcomer’s perspective.

Our use of GVR facilities consisted of four trips to the wood shop, two canceled yoga classes each, a visit to the workout facilities to be told they were closing and without a reservation I wasn’t allowed in. Much easier to use the local HOA pool. After seven months (seasonal) we are down to less than $500 per GVR visit, after the “welcome to GVR” initial fee.

We hear that wages and benefits are up 10-20%. Paid the old CEO $500,000 to leave, then named the courts after him. Hell of a naming-rights deal.

Why doesn’t the board or the CEO address the issues people are bringing up, where we are, and where we are going. Isn’t that what leadership looks like?

Tim & Kristy Begun

Green Valley