Sunday’s edition of the Green Valley News reported on the “special” GVR board meeting. The purpose was to vote on a pickleball lease agreement between GVR and BAJA Sporting Club. The details are in the article. Interestingly, the article focused more on the disruptive behavior of some members than on the issue before the board.

Board meetings are scheduled to allow directors the time necessary to complete their work. It is their meeting. Members are invited to attend as guests. They need to behave as guests. The CPM contains a protocol and conduct policy for members attending Board meetings. Members will act in a courteous and civil manner. If not, they will be asked to leave.

I apologize to the BAJA president and members attending. They deserved better support. I hope no potential GVR members were in attendance.

Some of you are concerned about maintaining property values. This type of publicity will not help. Some of you will disagree with me. That’s OK. All members should have opinions and we all don’t have to agree. But please don’t respond to this letter with some weak rational for bad behavior.

Jerry Humphrey, Green Valley

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