Some of the letters addressing gun control and mass shootings in Wednesday’s paper had some good points. It would help the dialogue if people would get off “assault weapons,” “military weapons,” etc.

Mattel sells “military-style weapons” to 8-year-old kids. What they look like isn’t the point. The military doesn’t use any of those weapons.

Magazine capacity is a valid issue. However, it’s amazing how quickly one can change out even a 10 or 15-round magazine.

We need to look more seriously at the humans actually causing these mass shootings. Years ago, we opened the doors to psychiatric hospitals all across this country because we were violating the patients’ rights by holding them against their will.

We already have background checks at all licensed gun shops (none of these mass shooters would have popped up on these checks); that can be tightened up (gun shows, etc.). By the way, Chicago had more shootings last weekend then either El Paso or Dayton… and I doubt that any of those shooters bought his gun at a licensed gun store.

Without totally trampling Americans’ rights, we have to devise ways to identify potential problem people before they reach the blow-up stage.

For the zealots who want to abolish gun ownership in this country, forget it. When a government wants to disarm its citizens, the people should be very concerned.

Certain members of Congress need to start talking with the folks across the aisle and begin working on some of these problems. Kinda what we sent them there to do.

Scott Anderson, Green Valley

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