I’ve had enough. Gun violence in our country is absolutely untenable. It is way past time for us to face the issue. I do not believe for an instant that the framers of our Constitution intended the civilian citizens of this country to possess modern-day military weapons. For those Second Amendment gun rights advocates, how is it possible for you to insist that the Constitution gives you the right to possess a military-style assault rifle without also insisting that you have a constitutional right to possess an atomic bomb?

For the rest of us who don’t feel that the Second Amendment covers these military weapons, I have the following suggestion: Let us first make it a federal crime to sell or possess the high-velocity .223 caliber ammunition that makes the AR15 so deadly.

Then, I suggest that we do the same with assault weapons themselves, not by outlawing specific makes and models, but by defining those potentially illegal weapons by destructive capability.

This would help to hinder those who would initiate a mass shooting. There is so much more to be done in the name of gun safety, as we have to admit that mass shootings account for only a small percentage of gun deaths in the U.S.

The time to act is now. What with the current disarray of the NRA, we may never have a better chance to enact sweeping gun safety laws.

Wilson Clymer, Green Valley

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