Although not a pickleball player, I was overjoyed with the financial outcome due to the combined effort of the dedicated pickleball players, supportive GVR members and the GVR Foundation in attaining their goal.

This was a perfect example of dedicated, goal-minded people believing in the GVR vision statement as a “preeminent destination for retirement.” Can you believe what partnering and cooperation can produce!?

Oops! Apparently the word preeminent is coming under fire by board president Charlie Sieck on the heels of this successful campaign. Why now, you might ask? In my short comments to the board, I offered the definition (“truly outstanding,” “superior”) and questioned why was this serious enough to form another committee to study the matter. Since my time ran out, I approached Sieck after the meeting and stated that 60% of the survey respondents were positive about GVR. He stated that the word preeminent was “snooty” and that 40% were not positive and that was not acceptable. By whose authority?

Although in the minority, I want to thank those board members who think independently, look at the issues, envision the future and vote rationally.

Helen Russo, Green Valley

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