During this virus crisis it is very encouraging to see people coming together to help each other and showing through coordinated effort that things thought impossible can be done.

Particular commendation should go to the Green Valley gasoline retailers who have manage to keep gasoline prices from decreasing. With the fall of oil prices it is thought the price of gasoline should be at least 30 percent lower… but no, the retailers have done a magnificent job in keeping the prices up.

I have a warning or a prediction. Since the price of oil has tanked and the price of gasoline is slowly falling, the oil companies must find a way to increase revenue. I think they will think up some way to create or give the illusion of a gasoline shortage to cause panic buying.

Long lines at stations and, of course, greatly increased prices. They may be able to create this fake shortage and have the people scrambling for gasoline and paying $4-$5 a gallon and rake in billions of dollars. Far-fetched idea, perhaps, but there is no action the oil companies would not take to make a few more billions out of this situation.

Ronald Garrett, Green Valley

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