It seems Mr. Steve Wilhelm will go out of his way to blast the staff, the board and committees of GVR (“Vote questions,” April 4). His latest is an irresponsible attack on the staff in the handling the election and the Nominations and Elections Committee. He feels the need to criticize the staff in the way the paper ballots were handled, as well as offer a convoluted statistical analysis. He seems to feel that it’s the staff’s fault that the number of paper ballots was down. I fail to understand that a six-hour gap would result in significant ballots loss, if any. Every effort was made to correct the glitch. As for the number of ballots, the N&E Committee did a lot to promote the increase in the number of ballots, much like last year.

I am a member of the N&E Committee and I don’t’ believe I saw Mr. Wilhelm attended any meeting. This perception that the committee is purposely made up of any faction majority is merely some kind of paranoia. Even if the committee is comprised of more members for one faction than the other, we, the committee, have gone out of our way to be impartial in presenting the candidates to the voters.

Is there room for improvement? Yes. The committee and staff have made plans to do this. And if you attended our last meeting, Mr. Wilhelm, you would have been aware of this.

Bob Northrup

Green Valley